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Plant Purchase CAUTION!

Many nursery & garden center plants come pre-treated with systemic pesticides. (e.g. pesticides from the neonidotinoid family, imidacloprid, clothianidin, etc.) which can harm or kill bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds! The public interest IS shifting how nurseries and garden stores supply plants but the concern still needs to be communicated. Ask B4U Buy!

For some great places to buy pesticide-free plants in the Minneapolis area click here.

For some great places to buy pesticide-free seeds, click here.

Lawn Care

Our urban lawns and plantings mimic the rural agricultural areas in that they are also monocultures.  Our yards lack the diversity to support bees and pollinators as well as require fertilizers, pesticides, fossil fuels and large amounts of water to maintain.  Choosing hardier grass cultivars and replacing areas of our yards with more diversity of plants can use less resources to maintain.  Allowing some flowering plants such as dandelions and clover can be actually good for the soil as well as providing some bee food.  Here are links to more information that can help shift our way of thinking:

- “Managing Bee Lawns", Minnesota Landscape Arboretum/ University of Minnesota Extension, Link

- “Organic Lawn Care 101”, Beyond Pesticides, Link

- “Clovers in Your Lawn”,, Link

- “Maryland Lawn Care Campaign”, Maryland Pesticide Network  - Link

- “Taking Care of Your Lawn without Using Pesticides”, Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides - Link

- “Five Reasons Not to Use Weed and Feed “, Beyond Pesticides - Fact Sheet

- “Tips for organic lawn care”, Beyond Pesticides, - Link