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-  How Neonicotinoids Kill Bees ,Aimee Code, Xerces Society, December 14, 2016, Summary Report , Recommendations , Full Report

-  Net Loss—Economic Efficacy and Costs of Neonicotinoid Insecticides Used as Seed Coatings: Updates from the United States and Europe ”,Peter T. Jenkins, Center for Food Safety, December 6, 2016, Report

-  Why Prairies Matter and Lawns Don’t ”, J. Crumpler, Roving Ecologist (Blog), Nov. 17, 2013

-  Growing Bee-Friendly Garden Plants, Profiles in Innovation ”, Friends of the Earth, June 2015

-  “EPA Restricts Use of Pesticides Suspected of Killing Bees” , NBC News, Apr. 2, 2015

-  “Save the Honeybee, Sterilize the Earth” , Pacific Standard, John Dzieza, Jan. 5, 2015

-  “All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015 - 2020 Consultation” , National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland

- “Seeds for bees: Worries drive new plantings for pollinators”, Dan Gunderson, MPRNews, Oct. 6, 2014, Link , Audio Story

- “Ask B4 U Buy!”, LWV Voter, Vol. 92, No. 2, 2014, Patricia Hauser, Download

- “Bees at the Brink: Nature’s Dying Migrant Worker”, Part 1, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Josephine Marcotty June 29, 2014, Link

- “Heavy Costs: Weighing the Value of Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Agriculture”, Center for Food Safety, March 24, 2014, Link

- “No to Neonicotinoids at the Sale”, pp. 30-31, Friends School Plant Sale Catalog, 2014, Link

- “Pesticides and Pollinators: A One Page Fact Sheet” ,under Resources and Materials

- "Insect Friendly Gardens"

- Eugene, OR Paves the way for all cities across the U.S.A. to become “Bee-Safe Cities”.!

- “Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world”,

- “Bachman's begins the PROCESS of going Neonicotinoid-free…”,

- “Birds, Bees, and Aquatic Life Threatenedby Gross Underestimate of Toxicity of World's Most Widely Used Pesticide”,