Flyers and Fact Sheets

Information you can use to share with people in your community

- World Wide Assessment [Systemic Pesticides]

        Press Release                           Download

- “Minnesota Needs Pollinators”               

        What to tell legislators               Download

- Ask B4 U Buy, Article

LWV Voter                               Download

- Plant Lists

U of M Bee Lab                         Download

Center for Food Safety               Download

- “Honey Bees and Pesticides”

- from Beyond Pesticides            Download

- On Pesticides

Neocicotinoids in the Garden

- Xerces Society                        Download

List of home and garden products

containing neonicotinoids

- Center for Food Safety             Download

Ten Reasons not to use Pesticides       

- NCAP                                    Download  

- Flyer, Saving America’s Pollinator Act 2017, H.R. 3040

3 per page                             Download  

- Flyer, Pesticide Free Flowers,

2 sided, 3 per page                    Download