Proposal for Clover Planting

Proposal for Clover Planting in Shorewood, MN

Proposal for Clover Plantings Near Shorewood City Hall & Badger Park

June 23, 2014


To promote more bee food in our city of Shorewood parks, Humming for Bees proposes to upgrade the existing four divider islands in the City Hall / Badger Park parking lot from ground vegetation to native clover.   


Humming for Bees will purchase clover seed, plant and water until established.   We would like the city of Shorewood to prepare the soil as soon as possible during the month of July, by removing the existing ground vegetation and adding black dirt as required to fill the space.   After growth is established to the satisfaction of Humming for Bees, in conjunction with master gardener Sandy Ahlstrom, the city shall water the islands as needed.†


A report documenting this project with what took place and what the results were will be prepared by Humming for Bees and presented to the city council after the season is over (in early November). It is Humming for Beesí hope that the results will lead the city to maintain these clover beds on its own beyond 2014, as well as expand the planting of clover (bee food) where possible in public spaces throughout the city.†


Clover is premium bee food recommended by Dr. Marla Spivak of the U of M Bee Squad.† Itís also a hardy plant and we donít anticipate that maintaining these plantings will require any inputs beyond what the city would normally devote to these areas.† There may actually be savings as it does not require mowing.



Patricia Hauser, Jeff Dinsmore

Humming for Bees