Humming for Bees is a grassroots, 100% volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for bees and other pollinators by:

- being informed

- educating others

- facilitating policy that supports bees, neighborhoods, and cities to be “Bee-Safe”

- creating new paradigms for yards, lawns, and public spaces

About Us

Clover Planting in Shorewood

Humming for Bees:

- Partnered with Shorewood City Council in authoring a Bee-Safe resolution which the City Council unanimously approved in July 2014

- Requested and received permission to plant “bee-food” clover on city property in July 2014

- Has information tables at farmer’s markets, fairs, and other community events

- Collaborates with City Councils to pass Bee-Safe resolutions

- Speaks in front of church groups, schools, garden clubs, and civic groups